Original art from Ivan Rabuzin's atelier

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Frequently asked questions

What is Rabuzin Fine Art?

Rabuzin Fine Art is a portal run by the family of Ivan Rabuzin. The objective of the portal is to raise and maintain the awareness about Ivan Rabuzin's Work and contribution to the artistic World.

Original prints are available for purchase through the portal.

How can I contact Rabuzin Fine Art?

Please send us an e-mail with your query to info@rabuzinfineart.com and we will contact you.

How to buy?

If you are interested in a specific piece press the "More info" button which will lead you to an online form which will put you in direct contact with us for the next steps regarding your purchase.

As Ivan Rabuzin's work is special and every customer is individual and valuable to us all communication is individualised through e-mail.

Payments are possible via direct deposit or PayPal. All invoice details will be sent to you following a final agreement on the purchase.

How are the Works shipped?

Depending on the art piece bought the shipment method varies. All shipment methods used are designed to preserve and safeguard the art piece on its journey to the buyer. If you are based in Croatia it is possible to organise personal pick-up of the artwork.

How much does the shipping cost?

As every artwork and every purchase is individual shipping costs are determined depending on the purchase.

Is it possible to organise a private viewing?

It is possible to organise a private viewing but an appointment needs to be made in advance. Please contact us on info@rabuzinfineart.com to schedule an appointment.

Is there a return policy?

The artwork always in its original condition and safeguarded for shipment, however should it be determined that the artwork is damaged during transport, a refund is available according to the terms of the final offer.

Do you buy Ivan Rabuzin's Work?

We don't purchase or repurchase Ivan Rabuzin's Work.

Do you evaluate other artwork?

Yes, you may contact us regarding your Ivan Rabuzin piece on info@rabuzinfineart.com.

Do you offer Ivan Rabuzin Work identification services?

We don't offer identification services. You can send us the pictures of the work in question and we will forward it to the relevant persons.

Can I report frauds to Rabuzin Fine Art?

Yes. We will forward the information to the relevant persons as we don't personally handle fraud resolution.

Where can I obtain a licence to use Ivan Rabuzin copyright?

If you have a project for which you would like to use any of Ivan Rabuzin's motives send us an e-mail to info@rabuzinfineart.com.